LETTERS-August 2003
Celebrating Diversity at EAR CANDY!

If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing.
-Kingley Amis

Yes faithful readers, it is that time again. Time for more letters from hate-mongering "artistes" who get a less-than-glowing review and decide to complain! This one comes from David Peirpoint, the mastermind behind "sodamnhip" - who actually ENCOURAGE you to download the mp3's from his website! Well, we did and DJ IVAN reviewed the...ahem...alleged "songs" for our last issue. Well, Mr. Peirpoint wrote us a nasty little e-mail threatening to take down the links to his songs. Talk about prima-donna mentality! ("I don't like your review so NOBODY gets to hear my songs!")

He wrote many more grammatically-challenged letters, bellyaching about his review and slamming me for writing it. I finally got tired of explaining to him that it was DJ IVAN who wrote the review and that we make it a policy NEVER to censor. That's just un-American.

Oh, and the funny thing is...after he ran out of steam on critiques our review, he slams us for being on TRIPOD. I guess he hasn't heard of pop-up blockers? Anyway, our whole reason for using TRIPOD has been on the section of EAR CANDY called "ABOUT US". It thoroughly explains the reasoning behind our decision to use TRIPOD. But, if it makes him feel better to slam us, more power to him!

Here's the first letter in all its hate-filled glory:

Note: DJ Ivan's comments included afterwards.

Wed, 25 Jun 2003
From: David Peirpoint (e-mail address withheld)

I just read your Ear Candy "reviews" (I love reading about me!) and you got it all wrong, you moron! I don't like your views on my songs so I'll make it so you can't download my stuff anymore. My songs are hip and hip people love them! I met David Crosby once, hell of a guy and he wanted to record some of them! Powerful personality, you wouldn't understand. Too stupid.

Also, do you think you could put some more pop up ads on your website, there aren't enough, only two or three every time you click a new page. (Notice how many pop ups and banners there are on MY websites, ads in general? That's right, ZERO! That's 'cos I PAY for my websites, I don't just mooch free ones. You loser.)

The "trailer park" is where you live, isn't it? You know what? Fuck it, I'm rich. And your time mowing lawns or flipping burgers doesn't qualify as a "job".

You can't do a single damn thing right, can you? Stupid fuck.

Response from DJ Ivan:

To the Ear Candy readers:

I never thought I would live to see the day, but it seems I have become popular enough to attract hate mail. Fair enough. My adoring fans may reach me at dj_ivan666@hotmail.com. To those who submit CD's to be reviewed by the Ear Candy staff or post their music free on their website for all the world to hear - ITS NOTHING PERSONAL. JUST BUSINESS. If your music sucks we will tell you so in no uncertain terms. If it is brilliant we will tell you so. If you aren't thick skinned enough to handle this, may I suggest bingo and stamp collecting, rather than music, as a hobby/pastime.

Re: Bitching about pop up adds. Ear Candy is done on a free website to avoid being influenced by advertisers/whoever pays for the domain name. Sure Ronnie, could easily afford to buy the earcandy.com domain name but then we would all be under Ronnie's thumb as to what made the cut and what didn't. He who has the gold makes the rules as the saying goes. Keeping it money-free eliminates the potential for censorship (in the spirit of D.I.Y).

Ok. I eagerly await replies from my many adoring fans (or admission into the Jackyl fanclub; whichever comes first).

Hugs and kisses,

DJ Ivan

Wow, a soap opera right here at EAR CANDY. Between his profanity, he attacks the 'pop up' ads that come with a tripod website. I guess he didn't bother to read the "about us" section which validates our use of tripod. Then comes the "trailer trash" comment. I don't know where that one came from?! Must be some mighty powerful drugs!

I think Mr. Peirpoint should go on Jerry Springer - then perhaps he will find his true audience!

More to come...I'm SURE!